Friday, August 30, 2013

And you?...

I was that little warm rain drop
That lightly touches your soft hands
The summer rain you wish will never stop
But still you know the summer ends

I am the brown leaf that breaks free
And lands so gently on your palm
But when you look up to the tree
You realize that fall has gone

I am that snowflake, pure and white
That you dream at from your window
Sitting there on a winter night
But the wind blows, and off I go

I am that  little blue mocking bird
That sings a song so sweet for you
I could have gone again, without a word
When spring was over, but I knew

That whatever this life shall bring
I'll always end up beside you
And that for you I'll always sing
The question's Who and Where is "You"?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

One road, one choice...

Acceptance is the simplest thing to choose
When little changes, it's little you loose
'Cause days go by, each like the rest
When nothing changes, it hurts less

But your soul dies off, piece by piece
With every beat you feel you miss
With every dream that's far away
Accept too much and you will fade

It's not hard either to simply rebel
Anger taking over every piece of you
You swear you'll change the world but it's not true
But you know you're alive when you know that you fell

It's not enough to shout and break
The walls you go through do not shake
They just become another jail
And it's waiting for you to fail

The hardest choice in life is deciding to change
To pull yourself together and build on
To burn down and rebirth when pain is gone
And figure how to turn another page

You do your best, endure the pain
Because you know you'll only gain
'Cause at the end you build your dream
With sacrifice and pain, it'd seem

* Sometimes you just got to take a break from your regular life and look for the things you enjoy. Today I visited and old friend that I admire, and this reminded me just why I was there. Carmen just does that sometimes :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Changes... once more

Life changes... guess it's for the best
And we go further, with the rest
Around us, nothing stays the same
We're now starting a different game

I watched my good friend turn the page
And end a chapter of her song
As she was up there on the stage
I realized it won't be long

It's done, she's now a woman grown
Her life and future's now her own
We are not children anymore
But what are we still searching for?

And soon my time will come as well
It may be good but who's to tell
Everything changes, that's a fact
Only matters how we react

The time for childish games is done
What we face now's the real world
Just as they came, moments have gone
We now have to be strong and bold

Monday, April 22, 2013

All is fair in love and war

I did... I felt...I loved.. I bled
My heart broke once and then again
My soul was dead, my eyes were red
And I forgot it all by then

But all is fair in love and war
So I stopped caring for a while
Battles were fought, more hearts were tore
Yes, it was cruel, and wrong and vile

Still, that's the only way to win
In war, there's no such thing as wrong
Neither cared of what could have been
We both just wanted to stay strong

The treatory, the cuts, the lies
The anger that was in our eyes
It said it all, and even more
It couldn't end well, that was sure

But all is fair in love and war...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


From time to time I must decide
If I should stay or carry on
I know my path ahead is wide
But what will happen when I'm gone?

I know this place helped me a lot
With so much more than I'd believed
The things I've learned, the battles fought
And all the things I had achieved

I've made some friends, and even more
But I know once I leave this place
It's possible I'll close a door
That I will loose without a trace

Am I a traitor if I choose
To go away and ask for more?
Will I win more than I will loose
Is that really what I'm up for?

A lot of questions, lot of doubt
I know I want it, but I fear
That I could loose what I had fought
So hard and long just to keep near

I lay broken at this crossroad
One that will surely change my life
It's warm and pleasant, but it's cold
And doubt cuts way deeper than knife

To stay?... To go?...
I'm fucked...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The kingdom

Somewhere over the deep blue sea
A kingdom rose, so big and strong
A place in which you would belong
Only if a pure blood you'd be

An empire that always grew
A place you won't believe be true
A place where kings are born and bred
A place where no tear should be shed

A little girl, soon be princess
Arrived there in her crimson dress
Eager to know what's with this place
With a huge smile upon her face

Lil' did she know how hard it'd be
To be a part of this big world
She only knew what she'd been told
And now with her own eyes she'd see

She earned her place where few would get
And hang to it with every thread
The things would get more interesting
As one day she heard the bells ring

A knight in armor had arrived
He looked strong, confident and right
"He's new,this one, and here to aid,
But dangerous... bad games he played

She knew his name from long ago
But back then he was just a boy
So young, innocent, full of joy
Who knew how much these two would grow

"Ahm...hey... are you ok, m'lord
"Yes but of course, I am just lost,
 To go to the hall I was told
 And get there fast... so leave I must,

But nonetheless, my lady...Hello

The days, the weeks, and months passed by
Without them even saying "Hy"
The busy kingdom doesn't pause
They would not meet without a cause

Then she saw him in the hallway
He couldn't stop racing around
He looked so angry, so afraid
Like he's screaming but with no sound

"Are you ok, m'lord?" she asked
"Of course I am, I'm but a knight"
He tried to play calm, maybe, might...
But she won't go without a fight

"To me you will  not feed your lie
You may  try to look tough and mild
Yet in my eyes you're but a child
So talk to me... I'll help... Or try

"Well, I................................................

She looked at him with laughing eyes
"You are just too coward to go
And find yourself your cherished prize

It's more to you than you care show
Believe me so...

He did just that... to his surprise
It worked, and he was hole again
After a while , though, started lies
So once again, he's a free man

He saw her one day in the yard
Just as some low born knight passed by
She freaked out, lowered her head, shy
Was it fear?... Shame?... Or was it doubt?

"My lady, I can read you blind
You try to  look strong, fair and wild
Still, in my eyes you're but a child
I'll try to help...what's on your mind?

"The thing is..............................................

"You are a fool, I'll say it to your face"
He waited for a slap...but luckily no trace
"Wrote you a poem once before
Little           girl, need I say more?

Time after time , they would be there
Every time one needed to talk
Became good friends, as they would share
Two twisted minds and lack of luck

In time they will go separate ways
To wherever the kingdom bids
But still, they are just little kids
And darkness hasn't shown it's face

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A new level

I once had stopped, thinking I will be fine
That I wouldn't need more than what I had then
The choices I made did seem right at the time
I had lost a lot, but even more I had gained

I found myself stuck but didn't want to go on
I felt happy thinking it was just me and her
But as fast as it came, it was soon enough gone
And all that was left were things good to burn

Deep in my mind a scene in replay...
Was giving me hints of where it went wrong
Opened my heart to find there's no other way
And all I could do was try to stay strong

As soon enough I found that I have people around
Who wouldn't let me fall and showed me the way
To rise and to conquer, to win back my crown
Once more be my best ...once more seize the day

I followed my dreams and got to a point
Where I found out that I should never stop
The places I've been, the people I joined
Showed me ways I can escape any trap