Thursday, January 17, 2013

A new level

I once had stopped, thinking I will be fine
That I wouldn't need more than what I had then
The choices I made did seem right at the time
I had lost a lot, but even more I had gained

I found myself stuck but didn't want to go on
I felt happy thinking it was just me and her
But as fast as it came, it was soon enough gone
And all that was left were things good to burn

Deep in my mind a scene in replay...
Was giving me hints of where it went wrong
Opened my heart to find there's no other way
And all I could do was try to stay strong

As soon enough I found that I have people around
Who wouldn't let me fall and showed me the way
To rise and to conquer, to win back my crown
Once more be my best ...once more seize the day

I followed my dreams and got to a point
Where I found out that I should never stop
The places I've been, the people I joined
Showed me ways I can escape any trap

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