Monday, November 26, 2012


I'm so sorry, my little girl
I never meant to make you hurt
In this annoying fucked up world
You are my girl, for all it's worth

If my words hurt this ones will heal
This ones will show you how I feel
Cause in the end it's all about
The way we keep our friends around

A couple of lines from my heart
Our friendship will not fall apart
Your sadness makes me feel like hell
So I just hope it all goes well

* for a little girl that always understood me

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A story worth being told

From deep inside my heart I'll say
These words to you, girl, every day
I love you like I never thought
That I could love... With all I've got

I feel that words could not describe
The things I feel, this trembling vibe
My once cold heart's alive again
You met a jerk and made him man

Your gorgeous eyes make me go on
Your smile shows me that I have won
Nothing for me's ever worth more
Than your smile when I'm at the door

For you I'd split the world in two
Turn night to day, make wrong be true
If I could always see you smile
I'd even cook (It'd take a while)

No matter what, I'm by your side
No matter how tough is the ride
The two of us will rock this world
And write a story worth being told

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The time with no "Good bye"

And time shall heal what time had burnt
Shall bring back all it took away
Time shall forget the things we won't
And in time, we shall find a way

To show each other it is worth
For us to give it one more try
We will prove to them that the forth
Will be the time with no "Good Bye"

With every smile and every touch
You reach deeper into my heart
With every kiss I crave so much
I know we'll never be apart

With every night, with every day
With every moment we're away
With every dream, with every text
The heart beats faster in my chest

Without you I won't rest,
With you I'm best...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The lioness

It all comes down to who we are
And without help we won't go far
You might be the best of your game
But, in this big world, it's the same

If I didn't have one to trust
To count on whenever I'm lost
To sometimes get me through the day
My dreams, my passions, would just fade

She's there when I need her the most
With an advice or just a smile
She's there to read my every post
And tell me if it's worth a while

'Cause, heavens knows that we all sin
The things I've done, places I've been
But at my worst, she's ... "It's ok"
With her aside me, come what may

She knows that I would do the same
If she is down, I'm always there
If needed, I would go through flame
Cause, after all, It's all just fair

And so today I can just say
I wish you'll get all that you dream
For everything to go your way
And don't forget, we are a team

Happy B'Day, little lioness!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Wake up, Dorian...

I started out with just one task
To have some fun, to be the best
I ended up behind a mask
Emotionless, nevertheless

Got to a point where I would choose
To play a game in which I'd loose
Blinded by passion, by
I missed the road... I didn't see

And I went on a mad man's path
Not caring where this thing would lead
Went forward blinded, like a bat
Driven by my own shallow greed

And when I had got to that door
I knew that I'd been there before
My broken heart still on the floor
Was by now ashes, nothing more

A broken mirror on the wall
Was showing me what I'd become
He looked so empty and so cold
An evil smile, as if he'd won

So horrified, I backed away
And ran towards that tumbling door
That's when I'd finally awake
It was a dream
I'm on the floor

And it's so cold...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

To begin with...

It only took one smile
For my heart to get started
Admit, it's been a while
But finally, I felt it

I see her eyes of crystal
And just can't look away
From restless I turn peaceful
I'm found, I was astray

You know like... when an image
Is worth a thousand words
Well, with this girl just one glance
And you don't need no words

No matter if it's raining
Or fire in the sky
The world around be burning
It's all just passing by

It may just be a fling
Maybe nothing will happen
Maybe it's gonna sting
And I will never have her

But just the thought that's she's here
Around me every day
Is enough to make me feel
It will all go my way

So let's just play

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Poem in the shower

It is morning, so early, awake
The city just woke up in chaos
At this time, their smiles are all fake
But later, we shall be victorious

Awake, so early, it is morning
The scent of life in the air
The city is busy, we're swarming
To jobs, to the office, to nowhere

Awake, it is morning, so early
We try to make best of our daylight
We wait patiently, in a hurry
Thinking of what won't, what might...

So early, awake, it is morning
My words make no sense at this hour
So, don't try to get what I'm writing
A poem written in the shower

*This poem marks the beginning of a new life for me, and an entirely new chapter, a point in life that I've waited so long to get to... and I'm here :)... Carmen, as ever, decided to join me in my journey with a tranlation to this poem:P :  Poem sub duş