Monday, July 30, 2012

Wake up, Dorian...

I started out with just one task
To have some fun, to be the best
I ended up behind a mask
Emotionless, nevertheless

Got to a point where I would choose
To play a game in which I'd loose
Blinded by passion, by
I missed the road... I didn't see

And I went on a mad man's path
Not caring where this thing would lead
Went forward blinded, like a bat
Driven by my own shallow greed

And when I had got to that door
I knew that I'd been there before
My broken heart still on the floor
Was by now ashes, nothing more

A broken mirror on the wall
Was showing me what I'd become
He looked so empty and so cold
An evil smile, as if he'd won

So horrified, I backed away
And ran towards that tumbling door
That's when I'd finally awake
It was a dream
I'm on the floor

And it's so cold...

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