Thursday, August 9, 2012

The lioness

It all comes down to who we are
And without help we won't go far
You might be the best of your game
But, in this big world, it's the same

If I didn't have one to trust
To count on whenever I'm lost
To sometimes get me through the day
My dreams, my passions, would just fade

She's there when I need her the most
With an advice or just a smile
She's there to read my every post
And tell me if it's worth a while

'Cause, heavens knows that we all sin
The things I've done, places I've been
But at my worst, she's ... "It's ok"
With her aside me, come what may

She knows that I would do the same
If she is down, I'm always there
If needed, I would go through flame
Cause, after all, It's all just fair

And so today I can just say
I wish you'll get all that you dream
For everything to go your way
And don't forget, we are a team

Happy B'Day, little lioness!

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