Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A story worth being told

From deep inside my heart I'll say
These words to you, girl, every day
I love you like I never thought
That I could love... With all I've got

I feel that words could not describe
The things I feel, this trembling vibe
My once cold heart's alive again
You met a jerk and made him man

Your gorgeous eyes make me go on
Your smile shows me that I have won
Nothing for me's ever worth more
Than your smile when I'm at the door

For you I'd split the world in two
Turn night to day, make wrong be true
If I could always see you smile
I'd even cook (It'd take a while)

No matter what, I'm by your side
No matter how tough is the ride
The two of us will rock this world
And write a story worth being told

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