Wednesday, August 7, 2013

One road, one choice...

Acceptance is the simplest thing to choose
When little changes, it's little you loose
'Cause days go by, each like the rest
When nothing changes, it hurts less

But your soul dies off, piece by piece
With every beat you feel you miss
With every dream that's far away
Accept too much and you will fade

It's not hard either to simply rebel
Anger taking over every piece of you
You swear you'll change the world but it's not true
But you know you're alive when you know that you fell

It's not enough to shout and break
The walls you go through do not shake
They just become another jail
And it's waiting for you to fail

The hardest choice in life is deciding to change
To pull yourself together and build on
To burn down and rebirth when pain is gone
And figure how to turn another page

You do your best, endure the pain
Because you know you'll only gain
'Cause at the end you build your dream
With sacrifice and pain, it'd seem

* Sometimes you just got to take a break from your regular life and look for the things you enjoy. Today I visited and old friend that I admire, and this reminded me just why I was there. Carmen just does that sometimes :)

1 comment:

  1. Andrei! >:D<
    Ce bucurie mi-ai făcut!
    Am văzut că ai scris şi am trecut să citesc. N-am recunoscut poezia după titlu, iar după două versuri începusem să mă gândesc serios că ar trebui să o traduc în româneşte. Pe urmă am constatat că scrisesem deja poezia aceasta şi... m-am uitat la sfârşit pentru confirmare.
    Excelentă traducere! Greu de găsit cuvinte pentru toată emoţia de-acum...
    Mulţumesc mult, mult, mult!