Tuesday, March 19, 2013


From time to time I must decide
If I should stay or carry on
I know my path ahead is wide
But what will happen when I'm gone?

I know this place helped me a lot
With so much more than I'd believed
The things I've learned, the battles fought
And all the things I had achieved

I've made some friends, and even more
But I know once I leave this place
It's possible I'll close a door
That I will loose without a trace

Am I a traitor if I choose
To go away and ask for more?
Will I win more than I will loose
Is that really what I'm up for?

A lot of questions, lot of doubt
I know I want it, but I fear
That I could loose what I had fought
So hard and long just to keep near

I lay broken at this crossroad
One that will surely change my life
It's warm and pleasant, but it's cold
And doubt cuts way deeper than knife

To stay?... To go?...
I'm fucked...

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